Open Air Museum in Pribylina

Do you like the picturesque atmosphere of open-air museums? When touching the wooden walls of old houses, you feel the breath of times gone with the wind. What kind of people were sleeping on these narrow beds? What was running through heads of women when cooking a modest lunch in their brick ovens? What troubled the men going out to the field early in the morning to return home only at dusk? Our ancestors, the mysterious stories of strange people, generations long forgotten.

The mill.

This house belonged to a wealthy family.

The Liptov Village Museum in Pribylina situated nearby High Tatras mountain range is just one of the places where you can almost hear the cheerful laughter of kids running around the village or the quarrel of a couple after the husband came home from the pub somewhat later and less sober as his wife would expect him to. You will find here many wooden houses from various parts of the Liptov region, even from some extincted villages, the oldest preserved country mansion on Liptov, but also remains of a romantic railway leading nowhere these days.

The tour will not take you longer than an hour so you can visit this museum as a stop on your way to High Tatras. All information in English can be found at the main entrance to the museum.

Behind the mill towards the railway.

This used to be pharmacy and a local shop.

High Tatras in the distance with the remains of snow.

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