Hiking in Slovakia: Explore Jánošíkové diery (Janosik´s Holes)

Jánošíkové diery (Janosik´Holes) is a system of waterfalls and water cascades hidden in the heart of beautiful Slovakian nature mountain chain Mala Fatra. They consist of three parts: Lower holes, New holes and Upper holes.

Who was that guy – Jánošík – in the first place?

Juraj Jánošík, born in 1688, was a famous Slovakian bandit well known in the whole Kingdom of Hungary. As the legend says, he robbed the nobility and rich businessmen and gave the loot to the poor. He was born in a Slovakian village Terchová. According to another legend, he was chased and caught in a pub after slipping on spilled peas thrown under his feet by a disloyal old lady. In 1713 he was sentenced to death and prosecuted by piercing his rib and left hung for all robbers to see what may happen to them if they dare to follow his example.





Hiking Mala Fatra region

There are many hiking routs around the village of Terchová. You may admire either the view from a mountain back or visit The Diery (Holes) which is a home to several interesting species of plants and animals. There are more than 20 small waterfalls along a mountain brook. The Lower Holes are an easy route ever for small children and will not take you longer than 1,5 hr. The path starts just behind the Diery Hotel and leads to the village Štefanová where you can take a special bus back to Terchová. Hiking The New and Upper Holes will take you around 4,5hr and this route is not suitable for children.






Eating in Terchová

After coming back to Terchová, the best you can do is warm yourself up with one of many local culinary delights either Bryndzové halušky (dumplings with special sheep cheese and bacon) or sweet dumplings with poppy seeds, melted butter, lots of sugar and lots of love :o)



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