Cycling South Moravia II – Lednice

After cycling Valtice last summer, this time we decided to spend another lovely three days in this region, this time in the small town of Lednice called also a pearl or Versailles of South Moravia. The dominant feature of this town is a romantic chateau surrounded by endless park in English style with many small historical monuments such as minaret, Three Graces statue monument, little castle Janohrad and many others.


There are many possibilities for accomodation whether you choose from hotels, apartments or private rooms. We choose a romantic family Hotel Princess situated just at the entrance to the park, close to the chateau. The hotel was very clean with friendly staff offering all kind of tourist information. It only serves breakfast, so for the rest of the day you have to eat outside.

The Chateau

The chateau offers three circuits, around an hour and a half each. First floor is the representative rooms, second floor is private apartments and the third floor is kids´ appartments. It is one of the most beautiful historical buildings in Czech republic. It was owned by the famous European family of Lichtenstein and it remained their property for 700 years.

The park and cycling routes

It is forbidden to cycle in the park around the chateau but it is a unique place to go for a morning jog and that´s exactly what we did the second day at 7 am. For cycling there are many cycling routes in the area of Lednice-Valtice. We choose one which took us around all the small monuments and mansions scattered around the area as little pearls forming a well thought necklace.

Food and drinks

There are many pubs and restaurants in Lednice but be prepared all will be ghost empty and will not serve food after 9 pm. Check out Hospudka u Korunky which does not look very appealing from the outside but is lovely and serves very tasty Czech cuisine. We were also recommended restaurant U tlustých but as lunch time caught us when cycling further from Lednice, we stopped at breathtakingly beautiful gardens of Hotel Hraniční zámeček for lunch instead.

Hotel Hraniční zámeček

Since Lednice is also a part of wine region, you must not miss a chance to have a proper wine tasting. The most famous is Palava try other manufacturers as well and I can guarantee you will never forget this unique pearl of South Moravia.

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