About me

Lucy On The Way

Welcome to my blog. My name is Lucia and I live in Slovakia, a beautiful country right in the heart of Europe. Mother of two girls, a wife, a woman passionate for life fulfilling her dreams one after another.

My main places of interest to review are spa hotels, romantic mountain cottages, picturesque little towns by the sea, hiking routes, restaurants and other interesting places in all destinations. Except all that, I have a website for women in my mother tongue with 6.8 thousand subscribers. Believe it or not, I have never been outside Europe and hope to change it one day.

First idea of this travel blog was to introduce my home country, Slovakia, and its hotels and other places of interest to you but then I realized why not to write about all destinations I visit with my family, too. And so here I am, 40-year-old mama with two daughters and a husband out and about.

Thanks for stopping by!