10 things to do in Venice

Venice is a city situated in the northeastern part of Italy. It consists of 117 smaller islands linked together by 409 bridges. This city literally built on water is unique in the world and you will not find another place like this one. Therefore it is listed in UNESCO. It is also called The Queen of Adriatic sea and The City of lights.


The history of Venice dates back to 5th century AD. The settlement served as a shelter of Romans from the incursions of Barbarian tribes. Republic of Venice had a huge maritime power and gradually became an important center of commerce (especially the spice trade) and art during the Renaissance era. Nowadays, the economy of Venice is being built mainly on tourism and producing Venetian colorful glass from the Island of Murano. 

Venice’s population is aging. Due to high prices on real estate market and lack of employment opportunities, young people are still more and more escaping to modern Italian cities. The historical center, more or less, remains a home only to local artists and craftsmen.

10 things to do in Venice:

  1. Visit Piazza San Marco (St Mark’s Square) with St Mark’s Campanile and Basilica – the main square of Venice – but be prepared to face crowds. You can either wander around and feed pigeons or queue for tickets to the Basilica.





2. Walk the hundreds of bridges – just walk around and admire the architecture, breath the atmosphere of ships that never stop sailing here and there, mix with the crowd.


IMG_20160716_103848 IMG_20160716_103921

3. Sit in one of hundreds of local cafes and enjoy your coffee with a million view.

IMG_20160715_1227424. Taste the Italian Gelato. It´s definitely worth the hype.

5. Visit Leonardo Da Vinci Museum.

6. Get tempted by an emcee and visit an Opera House. Never mind you don´t understand a single word in Italian. The uniqueness is what counts here.

7. Get a ride in a gondola but do not expect the gondolier to sing. They sing only in romantic movies. In real life, they either have headphones and listen to some music or just frown. Even though, should a trip to Venice be complete without a gondola you think?

8. Enjoy Italian cuisine. Pizza, pasta, fresh seafood and wash that down with a glass or two. Italian wine, of course.

9. Climb a tower. Just any random tower to get a spectacular view of the city.

10. Sail to Murano – an island lying around 1,5km off to Venice and is famous thank to its glass production.

Do not forget to buy a carnival mask and, of course,  stay as romantic as you can ;o)







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